Poka Dot Kids Oak Flats

Pokadotkids Oak Flats
  • Hours 7.30-5.30pm
  • Fees$85 per day
  • All meals supplied
  • Maximum 29 children
  • 2 rooms
Oak Flats is in its 3rd year this year. This centre began in January 2016 .
The atmosphere is very homely with babies 0-6 years . Lots of happy laughing faces from children and educators add an inviting atmosphere as you walk through the doors .


"My child attends Pokadots and enjoys every last minute of being there. The team are amazing and have helped my little one with some many things I can't even begin to explain. I would recommend Pokadot kids to anyone and everyone."

- 15th March 2016

Meet the Team

To be a member of the Poka Dot Kids Team requires a very specific skill set. All of our educators are highly motivated and trained to aid your children's early learning and development.


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