Our Services

At Poka Dot Kids Early Learning Centre children are offered a range of learning experiences both indoors and outdoors.  Children need to see, touch, feel, smell, taste and hear if they are to experience, discover and learn about their world.
Our Educators are respectful of individual differences, interests, styles and rates of learning. We encourage children’s independence and aim to increase their awareness of the community and people around them
Our wonderful facilities, our enthusiastic, dedicated staff and our fun vibrant learning environment are just a few of the things that await you.  Most of all, we want you to know that we value your decision to place your child with us and we understand the responsibility this brings.  Our key aim is for this to be a mutually beneficial experience and a positive step in the development of your child.
With a great sense of excitement and proud wellbeing, I welcome you to our family of Poka Dot Kids
We provide a calm, nurturing atmosphere where the children feel relaxed and loved. each child’s well-being is paramount and is managed on an individual bases, providing an easy seamless transition between home and Centre.
Both the indoor and outdoor areas aim to promote security and comfort for the children, as well as areas of challenge and stimulation. Through supervised play with other children, and through individualised programs implemented by qualified Educators, the children are supported to develop strong personal and interpersonal skills, to explore new interests and ideas, to be curious and involved in their own learning, and to develop the ability to solve problems, think creatively and communicate effectively with a range of people.
Our programs are planned according to the children’s interests. A daily powerpoint slideshow records and displays the children’s activities and learning throughout the day, showing how it links to the EYLF Learning Outcomes, teaching Principles and Practice.
The framework for the curriculum is based upon the following beliefs and understandings:
That curriculum is what actually happens in an educational environment, and is reflected daily
young children learn through play, inventing and organising their own learning all the time.
That the desire to learn and to try new things comes from being interested in what we are doing.
That young children are active learners who learn through experience and opportunity.
all curriculum planning is tentative and flexible, and modified by the children’s response.
curriculum planning relates to identity, connection with the community, personal wellbeing, confidence as a learner and effective communication.
Our  curriculum goals focus on:
(a) Fostering positive self-concept and self-esteem.
(b) Developing social, personal and interpersonal skills.
(c) Encouraging children to think, reason, question, challenge and experiment.
(d) Promoting language and communication.
(e) Enhancing physical skills (fine motor, gross motor, psychomotor skills).
(f) Encouraging and promoting general life skills such as keeping safe, making
healthy lifestyle choices, and becoming part of a community
(g) Enhancing creative expression and appreciation for the arts.
(h) Respecting and promoting diversity and difference.